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I am, among other things, a creator of immersive experimental events that combine disciplines. I work in an ensemble way as an actor/director, merging sensibilities and imagining worlds with other visionaries and surprising the audience endlessly with our bumps in the night.


An installation event in collaboration with Neu West Berlin

spanning 10 stories of an East Berlin Plattenbau

Tristan Rehbold, Zerstort, Zoey Lee, Trashera, Neu West Berlin, Linus Ignatius
Jorge Benavides, Trashera, Neu West Berlin, Zerstoert, Linus Ignatius
Zerstoert, Trashera, Kewin Bo, Lilla Weisselberg, Neu West Berlin


An immersive theatrical event staged in a prairie home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Julia Melfi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Weltzheimer Johnson House, Oberlin College Theater, Linus Ignatius
Babaak Parchem, Frank Lloyd Wright, Weltzheimer Johnson House, Linus Ignatius
Maya Sharma, Frank Lloyd Wright, Weltzheimer Johnson House, Immersive Theater

"A tremendous experience, a heady mix [...] blended into something distinctly your own [...] The most exciting aspect of the evening was the sense of dense, on-going continuity regardless of which "scenes" one choose to focus on at any particular moment [...] I love the way the style of conversational realism gradually gave way to expressionistic contortions and solemn Catholic confession and expiation. [...] Congratulations. Wish I could see it a second time."

---Roger Copeland

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