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Linus Ignatius is a queer Armenian-American director, photographer and actor.

As a filmmaker, his work twists together comedy and drama to create layered social commentary, dealing heavily with LGBTQIIA+ issues, HIV awareness, and taboo psychological terrain. He won the Nash Award for Experimental Cinema, was a 2017 Emerge Fellow with the Hemispheric Institute, and was a 2022 quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Film Fund.

After film school in the Czech Republic, he directed large scale immersive events in Berlin in collaboration with Neu West Berlin and Trashera.

His narrative filmmaking work has screened at Newfest, at the 30Under30 Festival in collaboration with the U.N., and the NY Independent Film Festival, to name a few. His film MASS is available to watch across streaming platforms. He has directed film work for Prevention Access Campaign, for them, The Wooster Group, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, RYOT films, Prague Film and Theater Center, and The Generations Project.

His short film, MASS, a dark comedy about body dysmorphia, premiered at Newfest (2019) and is available to watch on Amazon Prime. His film UPPER premiered at the NY Shorts Independent Film Festival (2019). His documentary memoir POSITIVE has shown in festivals in Berlin, London, and had its NYC premiere at The 30Under30 Festival in partnership with the U.N. His music video NIGHT SPIRITS also screened at The Manhattan Independent Film Festival.

His current project is the indie series "Marque and Hector Turn Trash into Treasure". It's a zany LGBTQ+ comedy show about a gay elder, his dumb-as-a-bucket houseboy, and their foibles.

Recent projects include a spot he directed for the LGBTQ+ wellness brand for them, and an international awareness campaign for Prevention Access Campaign.

Linus can be seen on various T.V. shows and independent films playing Europeans with guns.

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